The wife of Swans frontman Michael Gira has responded to an allegation that he raped a former collaborator.

Singer-songwriter Larkin Grimm released a statement on Facebook yesterday accusing Gira of raping her during the recording of her album Parplar, which was produced by Gira and released on his label Young God Records in 2008.

After Gira issued a statement calling Grimm’s claim a “slanderous lie”, his wife Jennifer Gira has rejected the allegations in a statement on Facebook.

“[A]nyone who bashed my husband or his music, when they see the proof- is going to feel like a complete fool,” she wrote.

“Michael dropped Larkin, and she has been jilted about it ever since. Larkin may know in the past, Michael has shuddered and simply deleted her harassing emails/texts, rambling obsessive tomes, declarations of unrequited love, hate speech, and threats to him. but, guess what sweetheart!- his wife is well aware—-and his wife, is rather analytical, organized, -and doesn’t put up with any bullshit. I have PROOF, in Larkin’s own hand, that her allegations of Michael raping her *did not happen.* I REPEAT It is false.”

Read her complete statement on Facebook.



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