Copenhagen producer SIBA spoons out another fruity flavour from his new EP.

‘Pomegranate’ is the tangiest of the bunch on his debut release, a knobbly and contorted ride through rave piano, obscured vox and thick, tumbling percussion. It’s weird, but it’s pop – recommended for fans the SOPHIE and PC Music strand, or the tune-warping likes of Mssingno.

“Pomegranate was one the first songs I put my own vocals on,” says SIBA. “The instrumental is quite old, from 2013 I think, but it’s totally one of my faves because it’s really a lot of fun and it’s a bit all over the place and rough, but I think that is its beauty.”

Stream ‘Pomegranate’ below and catch up with ‘Mango’ too. SIBA’s FRUITS EP will be available on March 18 via HEET.

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