Add some rocket fuel to your productions.

Create Digital Music has released a free drum kit containing samples recorded at a spacecraft testing facility.

Located in the Netherlands, the European Space Agency’s European Space Research and Technology Centre is where the continent’s satellites and spacecraft are put through their paces before being sent into space

The facility was visited by CDM’s Peter Kirn in November, where he used a set of microphones to record everything from a shaker made from the sound of gravel crunching under the wheels of a prototype Mars rover, to a bass drum made from a sound system used to simulate the noise of a rocket launch.


The free drum kit is available from CDM as an Ableton Live set and Drum Rack for version 9.5 or later, a group for Native Instruments Maschine and as uncompressed audio files. The samples are Creative Commons licensed, and CDM is encouraging producers to create their own kits from the samples.

If you’re looking for for stargazing drums of a different kind, Legowelt recently released an Amiga 909 drum machine for Live 9.5.



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