The Canadian songwriter shines on her new single.

Though producer and songwriter Fatima Camara is currently based in Berlin, she originally hails from Toronto where most of her family remains. It’s a family described in a press release as one where “traditional song and dance were as integral to gatherings as food, laughter, and wine” and it’s an essential detail to keep in mind during her remarkable debut album.

Throughout Before We Sleep Camara blends very personal sonic touchstones — bleary techno, shivering new wave and faded dream pop — as a musical coping mechanism. Though it reaches amplified peaks that feel like products of an electronic music mecca like Berlin, she wisely released ‘Just Waking Up’, the album’s naked, arresting climax as the first single. Over a fragile synthesizer glimmer, the track moves in a delicate waltz that brings to mind Beach House while channeling the lonely atmospheres of former Berlin artist Dirty Beaches. Listen to it below and look for Before We Sleep on April 22 via Parachute Records.

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