Crack is wack.

Harlem rapper Cam’ron has launched a web series called Giles Investigation in which he revisits old locations and characters from his early life as an alleged drug dealer.

Episode 1 is up on YouTube featuring Faceman, a comedian who had performed on Def Comedy Jam and ComicView and who became a customer of Cam. Shot in 2007, the 11-minute episode follows Cam and Faceman on an errand before ending up in the comedian’s apartment where he discusses his crack addiction while Cam claims to be saddened by the fact.

Full of bizarre and awkward moments, the video ends with Faceman breakdancing in the corridor of his building for $11 while Cam rolls around the floor laughing. Like we said, awkward.

Speaking to The FADER about the episode, Cam said “[Face] is a comedian, so it’s automatically funny. And I want people to laugh, but I want people to get a message that this isn’t something that you should be doing.”

Future episodes are planned, including a follow up to Faceman’s story.



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