The week’s best videos: Liquor store parties, techno Easy Riders and Skrillex & Diplo

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Welcome to FACT’s weekly video round-up.

As we note at the end of every year, music videos have never been better. But too often, music videos — along with documentaries, live sets and interview clips — get lost in the shuffle of news and new music.

With that in mind, FACT is doing what it does for mixes, mixtapes, vinyl and more: rounding up the internet’s best videos on a weekly basis. And to remove our bias, we won’t be including our own content — you’ll have to stay tuned to FACT TV for all your Against The Clock, FACT Freestyles and Confessions needs.

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‘Link Up’
Dir: Calmatic

A dapper Anderson .Paak and a beatcrafting Knxwledge turn a liquor store into a club, playing dominoes and drinking 40s with bad bitches while clowning a gun toting, Pinot Grigio-drinking Eric Andre.

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Avalon Emerson
‘The Frontier’

It’s Easy Rider, Techno Edition as Avalon Emerson rides a motorcycle through the desert at dusk, the gorgeous landscape looking twice as good thanks to kaleidoscopic effects.

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Riton feat. Kah-Lo
‘Rinse & Repeat’
Dir: Dan Streit

In this recursive clip, a group of bargoers get increasingly dancey while Kah-Lo sits in the back, stirring her cocktail. Groundhog Day for French housers.

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Skrillex & Diplo feat. Kai
Dir: Liam Underwood

The Jack Ü boys know how to vacation, hitting Machu Picchu, Thailand’s Grand Palace and the Canadian slopes in a video that intercuts those trips with footage from their massive live shows.

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Princess Vitarah
‘Nigerian Pussy’
Dir: Brian Lynch

A viral pro-pussy anthem (hopefully just the year’s first) gets a stripped down video that we’ll be playing on repeat just to hear the song (while SMHing at the white dude in the African print).

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Earl Swavey feat. Jay Worthy
Dir: Alex Mechanik

Underrated Cali rapper Earl Swavey returns with his latest Larry Jayy-produced slapper; the back-to-basics video is all crew hangouts and low-riders.

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‘Blood Waves’

New Jersey rap-thrash-punks Ho99o9 sludge and slam their way through a neon-painted, moshpit of a video. There’s also an interactive version if you want to be part of the action.

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Black Atlass
Dir: Kenneth Cappello

Black Atlass’ new school R&B soundtracks an equally sensual clip directed by fashion photographer Kenneth Cappello, who plays a ‘Wicked Game’ with tarantulas.

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Mark Pritchard
‘Sad Alron’
Dir: Jonathan Zawada

Mark Pritchard’s latest ambient dispatch scores this brief but soothing video of otherworldly landscapes, clouds and geometry.

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Dai Burger
‘Canary Yellow’
Dir: Chicken

New York rapper Dai Burger gives a fashion play-by-play as she saunters and shops around the city.

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