Stream the Danish duo’s gorgeous new album below.

Vanessa Amara is the moniker for Danish musicians Birk Gjerlufsen and Victor Kjellerup, who create drone music with a deeply emotional core. Over previous releases such as King Machine and Both Of Us they took elements as overwhelming as church organs, manipulating them into something as intimate as it was awe-inspiringly huge. Those releases laid out the foundation of Vanessa Amara, but their new album, You’re Welcome Here, finally perfects it.

You’re Welcome starts where Both Of Us left off, pinning you with the heavy church organ chords of ‘1’. The simply numbered track titles feel important, with each piece contributing to the album’s full sweep. ‘2’ and ‘5’ provide relief, evoking Stars Of The Lid’s arresting beauty through startlingly naked string quartet pieces.

It all builds to the final two tracks which take up nearly half the album. On ‘6’, the synthesizers Gjerlufsen and Kjellerup seemed to hold back on release in a climactic lift-off moment. That emotion carries over on 9-minute closer, a weary tape loop gently fading like something rising higher and higher until it’s simply out of sight. It’s an appropriate end to the journey the pair set us on. Take it by streaming You’re Welcome Here below in full and order it now via Posh Isolation.



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