Clothing retailer Urban Outfitters once proclaimed they were the biggest vinyl retailer in the world, and while that’s definitely not accurate, they’re taking it a step further by starting to press their own. This spring, they will team with Domino Records to release a compilation featuring the label’s artists including Blood Orange, Real Estate, The Range, Hot Chip and more.

The collection is referred to as Urban Outfitters Compilation Series One, which mean we can likely expect more. The compilation will be out April 1 so you can grab one as well as pick up an awful turntable from new vinyl pressing plant owners, Crosley, while you’re at it.

Take a look at the tracklist below and for more unnecessary vinyl read our round-up of this year’s Record Store Day releases.



01 Porches – ‘Be Apart’
02 Bob Moses – ‘Tearing Me Up’
03 Blood Orange – ‘West Drive’
04 Alex G – ‘Kicker’
05 Night Moves – ‘Kind Luck’
06 The Range – ‘Florida’
07 Petite Noir – ‘Down’
08 Real Estate – ‘Paper Dolls’
09 Your Friend – ‘Come Back From It’
10 Hot Chip – ‘Dancing In The Dark’



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