2020 includes all you need to create beats without changing windows.

Japanese musician Yotaro Shuto has launched a Kickstarter campaign for 2020, a “semi-modular beat machine” packed with drums, samplers, synths, effects and mixers.

Unlike Ableton Live or Logic, 2020 doesn’t feature a traditional arrangement view, opting instead to pack everything onto one screen without the need to scroll or change windows or tabs.


Developed alongside his work with experimental act DUB-Russell, the aim of Shuto’s timeline-free design is to allow you to “intuitively” create music in real time with the aid of randomising functions that can manipulate over 500 parameters.

The amount that Shuto has managed to fit onto a single screen is staggering: as well as a sample slicer, kick synth, sequencers and mixer, 2020 includes two FM synths, 12 one-shot samplers, nine effects and three sound loopers.

The design of 2020 is reminiscent of a screen filled with Live’s suite of instruments, but it’s closer in spirit to NI’s expansive Reaktor software, incorporating a semi-modular element that allows you to route the instrument’s nine effects.

As Shuto explains, 2020 can be mapped to any MIDI controller and even used to record your creations as separate stems in WAV and AIFF formats without the aid of external software.

2020 is expected to land in autumn and can be backed at Kickstarter now, though only €89 and €99 options are left. The software is Mac only, and Shuto recommends using Apple devices with Retina screens like the 13″ and 15″ Macbook Pro.



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