Finally something to go with those tortillas.

Last month, Matthew Herbert baffled us once again with his latest creation: a playable tortilla record. Even then, he explained it was part of a larger series of “edible sounds” which he unveiled more of at a DJ set last night.

The laser-etched foodstuffs included cheese, eggplant, ham, onion, and potato, among others and audience members were invited to eat the records after the performance. There was also more to the performance than just sheer novelty.

As The Vinyl Factory points out, the performance was commissioned by Science Gallery London at King’s College as part of FED UP: The Future of Food, a project about contemporary issues around food production, nutrition and waste. Take a look at some of the edible records below.

Edible Sound by Matthew Herbert. Part of Science Gallery London's FED:UP The Future of Food 16.3.16 ©Richard Eaton 07778 395888


edible 2



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