Bloc founder George Hull called modern dance music “tedious and diluted” and festival-goers “uptight, spineless hipsters” in a column earlier today. 

DJs have reacted angrily to comments by the founder of Bloc, who followed the festival’s final weekender at Butlins in Minehead last week with a column explaining he was quitting rave promotion because modern crowds are “too safe and boring.”

George Hull also criticised “safe space” policies as “depressing”, writing in the Spectator: “Young people these days just don’t know how to rave”. The 32-year-old also complained that guests want shuttle services, vegan meals and WiFi at contemporary festivals.

Laurel Halo, who performed at the weekender, was among those who responded to the comments on Twitter. “Wow so the idea of a ‘safe space’ is tedious to this bloc dude? you’ve clearly never had your ass grabbed right after playing a set,” wrote the Berlin-based producer, adding she “personally thought it was great when decibel festival had posters that said essentially ‘be respectful, don’t be an asshole’.”

Ben UFO meanwhile tweeted that he “would rather hang out with kids who understand safe space policy and what it’s for than a grumpy old cunt who writes for the spectator… seems like boring old men draw out other boring old men always nice to see where people stand i guess”.

Check out further reaction below:

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