Featuring Paradis, Secret Circuit and more.

Beats in Space is set to release BIS001 – 020, a compilation highlighting the first twenty releases from Tim Sweeney’s radio show-label of the same name. The package deftly highlights the varied palette that Sweeney has always been committed to celebrating, as you can see by the tracklist below, and is “keeping with the sensibility coveted by Sweeney during his time on air, there’s an attitude: a little bit rude, but softened with sensitivity.” The news comes with a remix of House of Spirits’ ‘Hold On’ done by Tom Noble, which you can hear below.

BIS001 – 020 is out on double CD and digitally on April 29.

01 Paradis – ‘La Ballade de Jim’
02 Jaakko Eino Kalevi – ‘Speak Out’
03 House Of Spirits – ‘Holding On’
04 Hidden Fees – ‘So What’
05 Secret Circuit – ‘Higher Heights’
05 Dukes Of Chutney – ‘Domino’
06 Tornado Wallace – ‘Desperate Pleasures’
07 Guiddo feat Georges Perin – ‘Gin ‘n’ Tears’
08 Jaakko Eino Kalevi – ‘Sensaatio’
09 Jee Day – ‘Sum Of Love’
10 Tornado Wallace – ‘Space Tropics’
11 Palmbomen II – ‘Carina Sayles’
12 Dukes of Chutney – ‘The Smiling Cheshire’
13 T & P – ‘Shoot The Freak’
14 Crystal & S. Koshi – ‘Break The Dawn’
15 Gonno – ‘Are You Asleep’
16 Matt Karmil – ‘So You Say’
17 Lauer – ‘Macsat Ring Down (Lee Douglas Remix)’
18 Paradis – ‘Je m’ennuie’
19 Lauer – ‘Stigma’
20 Secret Circuit – ‘Afterlife (LP Version)’
21 Tornado Wallace – ‘Kangaroo Ground’
22 Palmbomen II – ‘Cindy Savalas’

NOTE: An original version of this post said this compilation was coming out on RVNG Intl. It is actually coming out on Beats in Space.



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