“We created a monster,” says one frustrated club manager.

Las Vegas is a lavish, international hub for high-profile EDM DJs, but the tide has begun to turn according Page Six.

“The DJ is no longer the most important part of the recipe,” said Sean Christie, a COO for the Wynn Las Vegas hotel whose new club, Intrigue, joins a growing movement resisting popular (and expensive) DJs. According to one insider source for Page Six, contract offers are dropping by as much as 50% in many locations. But don’t mistake it for cost-cutting, the primary reason is the crowds big-name DJs inevitably bring out.

“People who just want to see DJs don’t dress up, they don’t have style, they don’t even want to be in a nightclub — they want to see a concert,” said Jesse Waits, a manager who will oversee the clubs in the upcoming Alon Las Vegas casino and intends to shift the focus away from the concert-like atmosphere.

“We created a monster,” he said, while bluntly describing the EDM-crowd as “not cool”

“Nightclubs are cool-people clubs. [I’m] creating a club for the cool people,” he said.



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