Image via: Ableton

Make music with sensors, motors and even data from the web with Ableton’s latest creation.

Ableton has released a free pack for its Max for Live add-on, allowing the software to communicate with technology like Lego Mindstorms, Arduino and OSC and data from the internet.

The Max for Live Connection Kit includes 11 software devices that do everything from access the sensors and motors of a programmable Lego Mindstorms EV3 brick to fetching online weather data to create sound.

As the launch video shows, the kit allows you to incorporate all kinds of physical devices in your Live sets, from Lego robots to sensors and cameras.

The devices all require Max for Live and working knowledge of the software, but those versed in the system will be able to connect more than just standard MIDI controllers to Live for making music.

The free pack can be downloaded from the Ableton website, where you’ll also find full information on each instrument.



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