The store is now the UK’s largest vinyl retailer.

The UK chain Sainsbury’s has recently begun selling vinyl, joining the likes of other supermarkets Aldi and Tesco.. While many might roll their eyes at the idea of a people picking up some LPs alongside groceries, the store defended the decision arguing that in another time, supermarkets were responsible for a large percentage of vinyl sales.

“The format never used to be elitist and we don’t believe, given the emotional attachment it still has for many customers, it should be seen as out of reach for them in 2016,” Pete Selby, the store’s head of music and books, told Music Week.

The store currently stocks 20 titles ranging from David Bowie to Bob Marley to Adele in 171 of its stores, technically making it the largest vinyl retailer in the UK.

And it’s been a success so far. The first 48 hours of sales hit 125% percent of their original projection. Though they have intentions to expand the store’s humble selection, he addressed the concern for how that might affect independent stores.

“We’re fully aware that this is a sensitive issue and clearly mindful of the potential criticisms but we genuinely believe that all retail channels can and will continue to co-exist,” Selby said. [via The Vinyl Factory]



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