A followup to last year’s debut.

Rabit has announced a new collection of rarities titled Excommmunicate. The name is a play on the producer’s debut album Communion released on Tri Angle last year. The self-released CD is out this month and available for preorder now, but will be limited to only 50 copies.

You can get a taste of the release with the icy new track ‘Let Moss Be Moss’. Listen below and revisit our recent interview with Rabit.



01. ‘Shroud’
02. ‘Intrepid’
03. ‘Splatter Cell’
04. ‘Scarz’
05. ‘Paisley’
06. ‘Searching’
07. ‘Let Moss Be Moss’
08. ‘Regret’
09. ‘Penance’
10. ‘The Light of the World’



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