More vintage rave mixtapes surface.

Yesterday’s bounty of 1990 rave tapes was appreciated but short-lived – the Dropbox link didn’t last long. Don’t worry though, Rephlex acid innovator Mike Dred (aka Michael Cullen) has us covered.

The veteran producer – who recorded as Universal Indicator (with Aphex Twin) and The Kosmik Kommando – has dumped 28 ripped cassettes, recorded between 1988 and 1994, to Google Drive. There’s only a tracklist for one of the mixes, but you can bet there’s plenty of goodness to sink your teeth into.

The single, solitary tracklist is for a mix recorded in 1990 which features tracks from LiL Louis, Suburban Knights, Ragga Twins, 808 State, Scientist, Fallout and more. Basically it’s packed to the brim with the good stuff and you won’t be disappointed.

Cullen has included a note asking that anyone who enjoys the collection donates “a beer’s worth or more” via PayPal, so don’t forget to dig deep. If this goes well, the producer has promised to rip another shoe box of “hip hop and new beat mixtapes”.

Head to Cullen’s Google Drive to download the mixes. [via Electronic Beats]



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