This is so dumb.

On the heels of Kesha’s lawsuit against Dr. Luke being thrown out by a New York judge, Jennifer Lopez has released ‘Ain’t Your Mama’, a track written by pop music shrew Meagan Trainor that lambasts a dude for expecting J. Lo to do housework. So, yeah, that’s pretty cool, I guess, except that it was PRODUCED BY DR. LUKE.

Dr. Luke, who we have been talking about more for the allegations that Kesha was made against him for sexual and emotional abuse than any hit he’s made in years. (Did you guys know he told Miley Cyrus that ‘Wrecking Ball’ would be a failure? He told Miley Cyrus that ‘Wrecking Ball’ would be a failure.)

But anyway, this whole song is about some guy being lazy and expecting to be mothered by his paramour… is that dick that good? Is the dick that good that you don’t just leave? ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ is just another prime example of Trainor’s archaic lyric-writing skills and this song pretty much needs to be discarded.

Why? Why is this happening?



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