“If you have nuff money and want to help please get in touch.”

Four Tet has a novel solution to London’s ever-thinning club landscape: transform the derelict Trocadero in the city’s centre into a UK equivalent of Berlin techno mecca Berghain.

The venue near London’s Leicester Square was once the city’s premier entertainment hub, hosting attractions like SegaWorld and Alien War, but has been all but closed off in recent years after falling into disrepair.

According to a tweet from the producer, the venue would have Berghain-quality sound, but “I’d let anyone in and you could bubble to ukg or play jazz or whatever… london vibe.”

The producer’s idea comes at a dire time for London’s nightlife, with council pressures resulting in much-loved Dalston venue Dance Tunnel announcing its closure earlier today.

It seems unlikely that Four Tet alone would be able to raise the cash to purchase what is prime London real estate, and the venue’s website currently states that it’s  “undergoing some exciting changes,” but there’s always the chance he might be able to crowdfund its purchase.

Four Tet has started the  hashtag – people of London, you know what to do.



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