Update, April 13: It’s all true – the duo will play Field Day and Primavera this summer.

The Avalanches’ mythical second album isn’t any closer to reality yet, but their actions today are enough to give you hope.

Australian group the Avalanches updated their social media accounts and website today, Stereogum points out. The mysterious image of a butterfly as appeared on all their platforms, immediately sparking rumors that their endlessly awaited second album might actually be happening.

The group also launched several new platforms including an Instagram, a Soundcloud, a Youtube channel. To add to the potential excitement, the group tweeted in February about being in the studio.

Last year, their label Modular confirmed that founding member Darren Seltmann was no longer in the group, while Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi were continuing to work as a duo.

“Album sounds awesome, but there’s no dates or anything planned. The official line is ‘stay tuned'”, they said.

Does this mean 16 years after their classic debut album Since I Left You we’re finally getting a new album? We’ve learned to not hold our breath with these guys, but it’s definitely the best sign any of us have gotten in years.

In 2012, Danny Brown said he had recorded a song that would “change the world” for the new album. Ariel Pink is also rumored to have recorded with them.



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