The hotel called him “the perfect guest”.

Kanye West was in Scotland at the weekend to film a video for ‘Waves’. The rapper and his entourage took half of the 14 rooms at the Skeabost House Hotel on the Isle of Skye before a day of filming around the area’s rugged scenery.

“Kanye was the perfect guest – charming, courteous and polite,” hotel owner Anne Gracie told the Daily Record.

A spokesman for the hotel gave more details about the fly-by visit, even suggesting that Kanye was “just like one of the guys”, which seems like a stretch.

“The staff at the hotel said he wasn’t a very fussy eater, and even although the hotel is renowned for it’s good food, he was very easy to cater for,” said the spokesman.

“He chatted to everyone. Photographs were banned. But they said he was just like one of the guys really.”

Earlier this week it was reported that The Life Of Pablo is set to hit No. 1, despite its chaotic release and the small matter of the album being not technically finished yet.

Now that Pablo has hit Spotify, the streaming service has expanded the The Life of Pablo listening experience with live lyric exlanations.

Meanwhile, Kanye and Jay Z are said to be reviving the throne for a track on Drake’s forthcoming Views From The 6.



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