“I have 3 strands of a billionaire’s hair. I should steal his luck.”

Azealia Banks is no stranger to rap beef, but her latest feud has seen her threaten to cast a spell on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over what she alleges is a broken promise to tweet about her mixtape.

As Recode reports, Banks claims that in exchange for a promotional tweet last year about Dorsey’s cash-sending Square app, Dorsey promised to return the favour and promote her music.

After failing to deliver on his promise, Banks took to Twitter and claimed that not only is she a “real witch,” but Dorsey had originally sent some of his hair to the rapper for her to make an amulet of protection – hair she implied was instead going into creating a hex spell for the CEO.

Recode approached Square for comment on whether Dorsey had sent his hair to Banks and made a deal to promote her mixtape, and the company responded with an Arrested Development GIF.


Twitter’s response on the matter was a GIF of Shia LaBeouf.


It’s not clear exactly which mixtape Dorsey didn’t tweet about, but the rapper recently released Slay-Z, which includes collaborations with Rick Ross and Nina Sky.



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