Update, April 15: Turns out this guy isn’t their manager, but he does work for their management company.

Radiohead have stated that Brian Message’s quotes on the band’s ninth album should not be taken as being on behalf of the group.

Message is a partner in Courtyard Management, with Radiohead’s affairs being handled by Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge, as the Guardian has clarified. Still, he must know something, mustn’t he?

The excitement continues to rise for LP9.

Radiohead’s long-awaited ninth album is due in June, the band’s manager Brian Message said in an interview during an event at London’s Wanstead Pub today.

“The new Radiohead album out in June will be like nothing like you’ve ever heard,” he said in a quote shared by the pub on Twitter. Read the tweet below.

The band is clearly ramping up a major rollout for the record. They recently collaborated with director Paul Thomas Anderson on a music video.

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