Edinburgh post-punks Visitors were endorsed by John Peel, but broke up in 1981 before they could record their 4AD debut.

Active from 1979-1981, the band consisted of brothers John and Derek McVay, pal Colin Craigie and rotating drummers Alan Laing and Keith Wilson. After impressing Peel with their debut single ‘Electric Heat’, he went on to financial back further recordings and gave them their own Peel Sessions, despite such a limited catalogue. After signing to 4AD, the Edinburgh group called it quits without getting to record their first full-length.

Now, Canadian label Telephone Explosion is releasing Poet’s End, a compilation of their three 7″s with four previously unreleased tracks. Their sound was classically angular with synths that were somehow both monotone and relentless, which you can hear on new track ‘Patterns’ below.

Poet’s End is out May 8.



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