Roky Erickson and more abandon the controversy-racked festival, as well.

John Cale announced via Twitter that he would no longer be playing his scheduled ATP appearances because of personnel issues: “We did our best to believe in the organizers, in the end, they let us all down.”

Both Cale and Erickson were set to headline tomorrow night’s Stewart Lee-curated weekender in Pontins Prestatyn, Wales and have pulled out for alleged lack of payment. Cale will not play at Drive Like Jehu’s additional, which is set to take place at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. While it was originally schedule to also take place in Pontins Prestatyn, earlier issues caused it to be relocated.

This Is Not This Heat, fka This Heat, will not be playing this weekend, either, according to NME but due to a foot injury member Charles Hayward has suffered: “We want to play the music but we haven’t had time to rehearse in any other way. We will see you again in a while. I hope everyone has a good time at the festival. Lots of love from me, Charles Bullen and all the players in This Is Not This Heat.”

Looks like the fans aren’t too happy with organizer Barry Hogan, either:



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