Donations will go to UK-based charities working with refugees in Europe.

London’s clubbing institution Fabric announced this week it will now offer the option to donate £1 on advance ticket purchases to help refugees. Every donation will then go to UK-based charities working with refugees in Europe including Help Refugees, CalAid, and Refugee Action.

The decision was announced via Twitter and a dedicated page on their website. The text on the site states:

“Watching the recent plight of the men, women, children and the families stranded at the refugee camps in northern France as their situation unfolded has been harrowing and disturbing.

Of course, we’d like to wholeheartedly encourage everyone to give what they can in terms of charitable donations but we also wanted to find other ways that we could help. Starting today there’ll be an optional £1 donation on every advance ticket purchased for our club nights. The entirety of that one pound donation will then be donated to the organisations we’ve listed below.”

The page includes further details about how people can help and the realities of refugees in the Calais camp in northern France, nearest to the UK, as well as the fact that the UK currently does not offer refugee visas. The club also states it is “working on further ways that we, as a business, can continue to raise further funds and awareness.”

The news follows from a recent effort in Berlin, titled PLUS 1, that has raised over €40,000 for refugee organisations via guestlist donations.



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