The Night Slugs duo take club music to noisy extremes on their first collaboration.

Toronto producer Egyptrixx and Night Slugs co-founder L-Vis 1990 have teamed up on a seven-track EP as Limit.

Described by the label as a “propulsive, ecstatic” collection, the stream of the  self-titled EP’s opening track suggests a club-focused direction loosely inspired by industrial and EBM sounds.

The EP is the first time both producers have worked together, but their relationship goes back several years: Egyptrixx released two albums and several singles on the Night Slugs label formed by L-Vis 1990 with Bok Bok back in 2010.

Limit will be released on Egyptrixx’s Halocline Trance label on June 3, and follows the release of an album under his Ceramic TL alias.



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