A nano-scale chemical coating might keep your records pristine for longer.

A Japanese company called Ulvac has unveiled a patented nanotechnology it claims could solve the problem of scratched vinyl and offer better sound quality.

The technology was demonstrated by the company’s Taiwan branch at an audio show in Kaohsiung, and uses a nano-scale coating of an element called molybdenum to protect against scratches, mould and static electricity.

According to the Taipei Times, the technology was developed by Ulvac Taiwan vice chief executive officer Clare Wei, who spent NT$150m (US$4.64m) developing the technology after getting into the format last year.

There’s no indication when or if the technology will come to market, but the company has been granted patent rights in Taiwan, the USA, Japan and China.

Ulvac’s new technology is the latest innovation to hit the industry, after an Austrian company last month claimed to have invented “high-definition vinyl” that offers longer playing times and greater sound quality. [via The Vinyl Factory]

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