The rapper revisits his original mixtape series for the first time in years.

Young Thug is only a few weeks off from his Slime Season 3 mixtape (which was only a few weeks off from his I’m Up mixtape), but he’s already teasing his next release. I Came From Nothing 4 is coming soon according to a Snapchat the rapper sent to fans, as Pigeons & Planes points out.

I Came From Nothing was Thug’s original mixtape trilogy which between 2011 to 2012. The series came before Thug fully developed the style that’s made him such a breakout star, so it’ll be interesting to hear him come back to it. No release date was shared, but the message does say “good songs tonight” which could mean it’ll be out in a few hours, or we’ll get a new song — or, knowing Thug, it could mean nothing at all.




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