Wolf Eyes and more are coming to Detroit next month.

Last month, Wolf Eyes unveiled a lineup and schedule for the first-ever Trip Metal Festival and have now announced, via billboard, that the Detroit fest will be free.

Previously, John Olson and Nate Young of the band explained to The Wire their idealized vision for the event: “The festival focuses on the gathering of close friends for a dinner and a show. Every day Trip Metal Fest will begin with a 5-star meal followed by a open conversation. First up is Morton Subotnick, John Olson and Andrew WK. After the meal and conversation we will go to El Club and jam. We are focusing on free food for musicians and free music for the public.”

While we can’t confirm to you that if you attend Trip Metal, you’ll be dining on the finest Coneys with your favorite noise artists, you will be able to enter the events gratis.

The band signed to Third Man Records last year and are slated to reissue their out-of-print albums Dread and Mugger on cassette at Trip Metal, with vinyl reissues to come later this year. The band also plans on re-releasing Dead Hills, Stabbed in the Face EP and Burned Mind.

Trip Metal takes place May 27-29 and features Wolf Eyes, Andrew W.K., Hieroglyphic Being and more.



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