The singer suggests visa issues may delay the album.

The album that M.I.A. has been teasing for over a year with videos, singles and demos is finally finished. The singer shared the news on Twitter, but explained that the release is somewhat out of her hands.

“I am handing my last LP in to my American label this week. It’ll be up to them if its released. I don’t have visa 4 states to promote or spk!,” she wrote in a tweet saying she will not be able to tour the US as of now.

“Can’t tour the US without a visa — might have to start writing songs 4 DJ Khaled and Selene [sic] Gomez to get heard,” she wrote after.

M.I.A. has had no lack of new songs recently, but it’s unclear which, if any, will appear on her new album. She’s released one-off singles with music videos including ‘Borders’ and last month’s ‘Rewear It’. She’s also dropped tracks in a more off-the-cuff manner including the recent Lion King-sampling ‘MIA OLA’.



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