The cacophonous Brooklyn band sound better than ever on the first single from their new album.

Brooklyn sextet Cloud Becomes Your Hand have such a knack for silly, cartoonish melodies that it can almost distract that they’re one of the most technically dazzling experimental rock bands on the rise. Their debut Rocks Or Cakes hinted at it, but the first single from their upcoming Rest In Fleas hits with the kind of magic you could only get out of their chaotic live shows.

‘Bridge Of Ignorance Returns’ juggles so many things at once it’s hard to keep up. There’s the racing percussion from drummer Booker Stardrum going toe-to-toe with new member (and former Guerilla Toss-er) Simon Hanes­­. Then there’s the bleary Bitches Brew-style synthesizers from Best Of Bandcamp-alum Weston Minissali and globs of sonic-strange courtesy of MIDI-percussionist Sam Sowyrda and violinist Hunter Jack.

They’re all reigned in by bandleader Stephe Cooper who turns his group into a wrecking ball of loopy melodies and unpredictable turns (including burning the track down to a hypnotic motorik-plus-horns groove before interrupting with what sounds like the crunch of an apple).

Cloud Becomes Your Hand have felt like a well kept secret for too long listen to ‘Bridge of Ignorance Returns’ below and grab Rest In Fleas via Northern Spy.



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