Billboard has released a list of the 40 highest-earning charting musician of 2015 and among them are Drake, Nicki Minaj and The Weeknd.

J. Cole has come out on top as the highest paid rapper of last year, making $8.8 million dollars in revenue, including over a million in both sales and publishing, respectively, and $5.5 million in touring. His music, according to Billboard’s stats, was streamed over a billion times.

The Weeknd clocked in just below Cole at #28, making $8.6 million dollars. While he earned less in tour – $2.3 million – he topped Cole in sales, streaming revenue and publishing.

Drake lands at #32 on the list, but was the #1 streaming artist of last year with 2.9 billion plays. He sold 1.7 million albums, including his shares of What a Time to Be Alive.

Minaj’s total revenue in 2015 was $6.3 million – although, it should be noted that none of this accounts for her partnerships with K-Mart and Myx Moscato or her role in Barbershop: The Next Cut – with an impressive $3.5 million in touring.

While superstars making tons of money is hardly news to perk up about, one of the most interesting entries on the list is Charlie Wilson, the former lead singer of the Gap Band and frequent collaborator of Snoop Dogg and Kanye West. While his sales in 2015 were marginal in comparison to the rest, he made a wapping $6.5 million in tour. Uncle Charlie’s still got it.

Read the in-depth report here, which also includes stats for Ariana Grande, Sam Smith and Adele. Spoiler: Taylor Swift tops the list. (But you knew this, right?)



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