“Trust me, I am not gonna sue Lil Wayne.”

Skepta has confirmed February’s unexpected announcement that Drake has signed to grime collective and label Boy Better Know.

The original announcement was met with confusion given Drake’s contract with Young Money, but Skepta has expanded on how it’s going to work in an interview with Time Out.

“We’re putting together an official worldwide BBK label, but we haven’t talked about how it’ll work yet,” Skepta told the magazine. “It’ll be separate to his existing contracts. Trust me, I am not gonna sue Lil Wayne.”

The interview also outlines how the grime star met the Canadian rapper, explaining that they crossed paths when Drake held a part at a mansion in Miami where Skepta was staying, and woke him up to request his presence.

Skepta also denied his involvement in the next series of Top Boy, headed up by actor Ashley Walters and Drake: “Despite all the articles online, I am not working on bringing back Top Boy,” he said.

“They – Ashley Walters and Drake – are working on bringing it back. I’ve proper learned about the internet now. People say something and then everyone just believes it. I just laugh at it now.”

Skepta released his latest album Konnichiwa last week, which features guest appearances from Pharrell Williams, Wiley and Novelist alongside the other members of Boy Better Know.

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