Due this summer on Shapednoise’s Cosmo Rhythmatic label.

Experimental producers Jesse Osborne-Lanthier and Grischa Lichtenberger have turned their 2014 project Conversations Sur Lettres Mortes, originally performed at MAC in Montréal, into a new EP.

Both artists had strong work last year — Lichtenberger’s dynamic new album and Osborne-Lanthier’s dreamy collaborative work with Robert Lippok — but this release comes from an unexpected source.

The music on CSLM is performed on cathode ray television sets and VHS units to create an utterly unique sound. In addition to the six track release, CSLM also comes with a trio of remixes courtesy of Low Jack, Rabit and Gábor Lázár.

You can find CSLM on June 9 via Cosmo Rhythmatic and catch them performing at Berghain a day later. For now watch the trailer below.


01 ‘CRT Creeper’
02­ ‘House / Magma’
03 ‘Comcast’
04 ‘Good Morning America’
05­ ‘4% (Maurice)’
06­ ‘Primetime’
07 ‘CRT Creeper (Low Jack RMX)’
08 ‘Good Morning America (Gábor Lázár RMX)’
09 ‘4% (Rabit RMX)’



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