The Tri Angle producer breaks his silence with a piece based on sounds from the body.

Forest Swords has devised and scored a solo dance piece, ‘Shrine’, which had its premiere in Liverpool in January and is now available to watch online via Boiler Room. Commissioned by arts organisation Metal, ‘Shrine’ is soundtracked by music made from breath and body sounds, “processed and sequenced to create a claustrophobic sound world of texture and physical rhythm, before gradually unfurling towards euphoric climax.”

“For me, the past six months has involved watching how bodies can fail and fix,” explained the producer, whose debut album Engravings came out in 2013. “I became acutely aware of the power of forcing ourselves to look at its vulnerabilities and how we connect with them. In an age when human bodies are still regularly devalued, it feels cathartic to embrace the workings and design of them, even if it makes us uncomfortable and sometimes shameful. Being able to explore that has been enlightening.”

The score has been released via Dense Truth on limited edition 12″ vinyl and digital formats. The piece will be performed again by dancer Owen Ridley-Demonick as part of Rewire Festival in The Hague, Netherlands, on Friday (May 13).

Watch the piece above and stream the soundtrack below. Check out Forest Swords’ 2014 FACT mix.



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