Sonic would be proud.

DJ Q has always been dependable for injecting plenty of fun into club bangers whether alone or as part of Trumpet & Badman with DJ Haus. He takes that to a whole new level today with ‘Sonic’, his surprise single for Local Action. True to the name, the song is built entirely out of sound effects from the Sonic The Hedgehog games.

Though we’ve written plenty about the brilliance of Sonic’s music, its pinball-like effects are just as essential. The player generated sounds add an unpredictable and chaotic element to the soundtrack. On ‘Sonic’ Q impressively herds all of the game’s bumps, spins, jingles, explosions to make something that’s more than just novelty. That said, it’s a particularly special experience for anyone who grew up a “Sega kid”.

Listen to ‘Sonic’ below and for more Sonic music (and effects) revisit our FACT Focus mix dedicated to game series.



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