Our Machines # 1 offers 30 minutes of rhythms and arpeggios to use in your productions.

Bristol music hardware shop Elevator Sound has launched a series of sample tapes called Our Machines, created in-store by staff using its range of synths, drum machines and effects.

As Crack reports, the tapes are available from both the Elevator Sound shop and Bandcamp page, where digital versions are also available. Each cassette contains 30 minutes of samples across two sides, which are described as “extra raw.”

According to store owner Marco Bernardi, the tapes have been created with modular rhythms, sequences, drones and “all sorts of other weird shit from all the machines instore.”

Side A of each tape is devoted to beats, rhythms and mechanical sounds, while Side B
covers sequences, drones and arpeggios. Buy Our Machines #1 at Bandcamp and listen below.

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