Fans of Tortoise, buckle up.

Tangents are a collective of musicians affectionately referred to as “post-everything” and when listening to ‘Jindabyne’, the first song off their upcoming album Stateless, it’s not hard to understand why.

The quintet are so comfortable working with jazz, folk music, post-rock and electronic music that the track comfortably hangs in a space between them all. It’s abstract enough that it should be challenging to take in, but the group always glide with an inviting smoothness. Whether you’re picking apart each glitched electronic texture and metallic drum hit or just letting it wash over you, it’s a rewarding listen.

Hear ‘Jindabyne’ below and look for Stateless July 8 via Temporary Residence.

Track list:
01. ‘Jindabyne’
02. ‘Oberon’
03. ‘Masist Cau’
04. ‘Directrix’
05. ‘N-mission’
06. ‘Along The Forest Floor’
07. ‘Maze Crescent – Part I’
08. ‘Maze Crescent – Part II’



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