The new project is the result of on-the-spot, single-take recordings.

Annika Henderson, better known simply as Anika, retains her spirit of unpredictability with her latest project Exploded View, who have announced their self-titled debut album on Sacred Bones with an eerie new single ‘Orlando’.

Originally a political journalist, the Berlin-based singer has released music on both LA funk institution Stones Throw and Invada, the label co-founded by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow (with whom she recently covered ’99 Red Balloons’). For Exploded View, she signed to Brooklyn label Sacred Bones and fit right into the macabre roster with their first single ‘No More Parties In The Attic’.

The album was born from single take recordings made in Mexico City with bandmates Martin Thulin (of Crocodiles), Hugo Quezada and Hector Melgarejo. While ‘No More Parties’ reflected the sort of roughness you’d expect from an entirely improvised album, the new ‘Orlando’ takes a much more subtle and delicate approach. Over an eerie guitar shimmer and drum shuffle, Henderson delivers wistful, haunting vocals that lock right into the tense groove. It’s a testament to their chemistry and a good reason to keep an eye out for their debut this summer.

Listen to ‘Orlando’ below and look for Exploded View on August 19 via Sacred Bones.


01 ‘Lost Illusions’
02 ‘One Too Many’
03 ‘Orlando’
04 ‘Call On The Gods’
05 ‘Disco Glove’
06 ‘Stand Your Ground’
07 ‘No More Parties In The Attic’
08 ‘Lark Descending’
09 ‘Gimme Something’
10 ‘Beige’
11 ‘Killjoy’



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