The promising New Orleans songwriter fits right in at her new label.

When MJ Guider started, it was the solo project of Melissa Guion who blends bass, a Roland R-8 drum machine and heavy tape delay in a gorgeous swirl. The last time we heard her, it was on her Green Plastic EP for the Best Of Bandcamp regulars Constellation Tatsu. That was in 2014 and a lot has changed.

Now, MJ Guider are a three piece who sound bigger and deeper on Precious Systems, their debut album due this summer on Kranky. It’s a change best captured on opener ‘Lit Negative’ which sounds like Guion’s previously foggy project pulling into a startling focus. The rhythms push harder, the textured atmospheres sparkle and the vocals are more even more confident. It’s a wonderful thing to witness.

Listen to ‘Lit Negative’ below and look for Precious Systems July 15 via Kranky.


01 ‘Lit Negative’
02 ‘Triple Black’
03 ‘Surfacing First’
04 ‘White Alsatian’
05 ‘Second Surface’
06 ‘Former Future Beings’
07 ‘Their Voices Clear Now’
08 ‘Evencycle’
09 ‘Fiction Control’



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