“It should feel like sinking into really warm quicksand or dying of hypothermia,” the modular master says.

M. Geddes Gengras has announced his new album Interior Architecture will be out this summer. The 2xLP release contains six years worth of work recorded in disparate locations including the Netherlands, Connecticut and Gengras’ current home of Los Angeles and spreads them over four sprawling 20-minute epics.

Blending modular and digital sound processing, Gengras appropriately describes the record as “an impossible object” and likens the sound to sinking in quicksand. While we’ll have to wait until the July 29 release through Intercoastal Artists to take a full dive into all that sonic ooze, you can dip a toe in now with the excerpted piece ‘Shard’ — a psychedelic passage so dense you can feel it cling to you like a humid summer day.

Listen below and for a close up look at Gengras’ modular work in action, revisit our Against The Clock.



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