The US synth company’s most iconic instrument is back.

Moog has reissued the classic Minimoog Model D synth with a pilot production run, due to be built and sold at Moogfest this weekend.

The Model D was manufactured between 1971 and 1981, and its wooden frame and tilting control panel quickly became the standard by which all other small analog synths were judged.

It was discontinued when more versatile digital synths became more popular with producers, but was reborn in 2002 with the updated Minimoog Voyager.

Moog’s new Model D reissue appears to be an exact replica of the 1971 original with a few changes, most notably the addition of MIDI, which didn’t exist until after the original was discontinued.

According to Ask.Audio, the reissued Model D won’t send MIDI CC messages, but does feature MIDI in, out and through sockets. It also includes CV outs for aftertouch and velocity, and for plugging into other gear.

Reports also suggest that there are new switches for modulation, and a knob by the pitch and modulation wheels that can be pushed and pulled for controlling an LFO waveform.

Moog itself hasn’t offered much information on the new Model D apart from a short video showing its manufacture at the Moog pop-up factory in Durham, NC, but the first batch will be on sale at this weekend’s Moogfest.

Moog hasn’t confirmed if this is the first in a wider run of Model D reissues or just a one-off, but Ask.Audio believes it will cost $3499.

The Model D is the latest in a line of reissues from Moog. Last year it revived a trio of classic modular systems, and earlier this month it released an iOS version of its vintage Model 15 synthesizer.

Moogfest takes place this weekend, from May 19-22 – more information on that here.

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