Purple Tape Pedigree goes visual.

If you’ve ever been to one of Purple Tape Pedigree’s parties, particularly the Devil Want My Soul series at Brooklyn’s Palisades, you’ve not only been treated to some of the best dance and electronic music out right now, but your senses have been stimulated by the carefully-crafted visuals. PTP affiliate Jayne Lies usually has a hand in those and she now she’s debuting her own film Wonderful Law.

The film is inspired by the Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law, one of the most influential pieces of Buddhism. “The Lotus Sutra expresses the ultimate truth of life and the universe as it exists within all people,” says Lies. “Under the rule of ruthless governments dividing the human race, and societal pressures pushing us to divide ourselves by pouring more of our existence into an endless digital hole, we feel the need to break out and go back to where it all began. When things were pure and united in humanity – when we could look within each other instead of losing each other to an infinitely mirrored void.”

For the soundtrack, BOY/FRIEND producer MNTN composed music based sampling a Wonderful Law song and Jeru The Damaja’s ‘Come Clean’. It mirrors the dark and light of the film, as well as the clothes featured in the short, which were made by New York-via-Norway designer Eleen Halvorsen.

Check out Wonderful Law and MNTN’s soundtrack for part one below.



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