A tabloid scandal in the making.

The latest version of classic shoot ’em up Doom was released earlier this month, and it appears that the game’s Satanic imagery isn’t limited to its visuals.

As Imgur user TomButcher has discovered, a track in the game’s soundtrack called ‘Cyberdemon’ reveals pentagrams and the number 666 when the audio’s sonic frequencies are visualised with a spectrogram.

As Engadget notes, Doom composer Mick Gordon teased in a recent interview that there might be occult imagery in the soundtrack, but TomButcher’s detective work proves that playing the game may give you nightmares in ways you never expected.

The practice of hiding images into songs isn’t limited to the Doom soundtrack. Aphex Twin famously hid his own face in the audio of ‘Windowlicker’ B-side ‘[Equation]’, while It Follows composer Disasterpeace embedded images into his score for the video game Fez.

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