The recent film’s pulsing soundscapes collected on “Into The Void” colored vinyl.

Death Waltz have a reputation for bringing great cult film soundtracks to vinyl, but they can also shine a spotlight on more contemporary scores. Their newest release (in partnership with Lakeshore Records) is Ben Lovett’s pensive electronic score to the 2016 film Synchronicity, a time travel story that earns its sci-fi pulp credentials with a villainous performance from Michael Ironside (of Scanners and Total Recall fame).

Fitting with the film’s mindbending time travel plot, the LP comes with a disorienting dual-color pressing that places a warped black circle within transparent pale blue vinyl.

Listen to a few pieces of Lovett’s hypnotic, pulsing score below and grab the release tomorrow via Death Waltz’s store.

Lakeshore Records



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