The rapper also reveals he nearly signed to Sony at one point.

Beck released his new single ‘WOW’ today which bears a distinct hip-hop influence (and sample courtesy of OG Maco), but at one point it may have had even more than that. In an interview with NME, Beck revealed he originally reached out to Chance The Rapper to appear on the song.

“Four or five months ago we tried to get Chance on ‘Wow’. I’m not sure what happened with that,” he said while praising Los Angeles for its current “hip-hop renaissance’ led by Kendrick Lamar.

The news was shared through an image of the interview on Twitter. You can read the comment about Chance and other news about Beck’s upcoming (and currently untitled) album below.

In other news, Chance revealed in an hour-long lecture with Bakari Kitwana at the University of Chicago yesterday that he almost signed to Sony before the breakout success of his mixtape Acid Rap.

Describing a meeting with current Epic president Sylvia Rhone he recalled “playing ‘Chainsmoker’, singing the words louder than the speaker” during the meeting and nearly signing before his father called and reminded him not to sign anything, which he didn’t.

Watch the full interview below and find the story about Sony at the 19 minute mark.

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