Noise from the East.

Japanese producer Takeaki Maruyama, aka Goth-Trad, announced his fifth album this week which will feature collaborations with Japanese metal trio Boris and New Jersey’s Dälek, unsung pioneers of experimental hip-hop.

Psionics follows from Maruyama’s 2012 album for Mala’s Deep Medi Musik, New Epoch. The release comes through his own Back To Chill label, founded in 2014. Back To Chill is also the name of Goth-Trad’s monthly dubstep show in Tokyo, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary in September.

Ahead of the album’s release in September, Maruyama is offering various physical packages for the album that combine t-shirts, posters, and USB sticks of the tracks as well as hand-cut dubplates of the two collaborations.

The collaboration with Boris is titled ‘DEADSONG (Psionics Version)’ while the track featuring Dälek is currently untitled. Both tracks will only be available as exclusive hand-cut dubplates within the album’s special packages and not as part of the normal release. UK orders can be placed through a dedicated webpage.

Hear an alternative version of the collaboration with Boris in Maruyama’s recent promo mix.

When Maruyama met Mala in 2006, at London’s Plastic People, he had already been active in the Japanese underground for ten years, within the noise and breakcore scenes. Goth-Trad became the first international signing to the Deep Medi Musik label, with the ‘Cut End’ 12″ in 2007, and has since become a fixture on the international circuit with regular appearances in Europe and North America.

Back in Japan, Maruyama has fostered a local community around dubstep, grime, and eventually bass music through the Back To Chill event, with alumni including Quarta330 – the chiptune producer who appeared on Hyperdub – and ENA, who in recent years has been releasing via the Berlin-based label Samurai Horo.

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Psionics tracklist:
01. Grind
02. Vortex
03. Amazon
04. Locomotive
05. Eraser
06. Crooked Temple
07. Disorder
08. One Drop
09. Joust
10. Untitled
AA. GOTH-TRAD featuring Dälek – ????



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