The company paid $160,000 thinking they would get the pair in concert.

Rihanna and Jay Z have been sued over a 2013 concert they never played, TMZ reports.

Chris Ubosi claims his company Megalectrics paid $160,000 to hold a concert in Nigeria featuring Rihanna and Jay Z. After being paid, the pair who claimed to represented Rihanna asked to postpone the show, but the company cancelled and asked for a refund after no reschedule date surfaced.

Now that Ubosi has sued Rihanna, Roc Nation and Roc Nation-boss Jay Z, the company has addressed the issue saying Rihanna was never paid the sum and they had no knowledge of the concert.

“Roc Nation nor anyone associated personally or professionally with either party was in contact with this person. Unfortunately this person was scammed,” the company wrote in an official statement.



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