Featuring classic cuts from Skream, Loefah and Digital Mystikz.

Back in 2006, Bristol-based dubstep imprint Tectonic released a series of 10″s as part of a series called Tectonic Plates. These limited-edition singles featured tracks from a number of the scene’s brightest stars, including Skream, Loefah, Digital Mystikz, DQ1, Distance and MRK1.

When the series came to a halt, the singles were collected and assembled as a compilation – Tectonic Plates Vol. 1. Now, Tectonic is set to reissue the collection on double vinyl for the first time, bundling it with a CD of label boss DJ Pinch’s exclusive mix of the tracks. If you missed the run of 10″s at the time, this is the perfect opportunity to fill out your dubstep wax collection.

Tectonic Plates Vol. 1 will be released on Tectonic on June 24, and you can check out the tracklist below.


A1 Skream – ‘Bahl Fwd’
A2 Distance – ‘Temptation’
B1 DQ1 – ‘Wear The Crown’
B2 MRK1 – ‘Slang’
C1 Loefah – ‘System’
C2 Digital Mystikz – ‘Molten’
D1 Armour – ‘Iron Man’
D2 Hijak – ‘Nightmarez’

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